Having lived half their lives here, three men get to relive each a pivotal moment in Hong Kong history. Each a player in a revolution of their times, the values they shared with the larger movements paved the way to the present-day Hong Kong. How then, will today’s youths play out their destinies?

About the director

Director Chan Tze Woon is a Hong Kong filmmaker. Graduated from Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. A large-scale occupation in 2014 prompted his first featured-length documentary YELLOWING (2016). The film won the Shinsuke Ogawa Award at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, nominated for Best Documentary at Taipei Golden Horse Film Awards and qualified for Best Documentary Feature at 2019 Oscars.

“Are you afraid that twenty years from now you will have lost your faith?”

Dir. Chan Tze Woon

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